Would You Rather

Every day we have to make decisions between two options. If you have no idea about what and how to start a conversations with our teen friends or partner. In this article we have provided list of "Would you rather questions for Teen" for many occasions and different group compositions. 

Would you rather questions is a game for all irrespective of their ages. You can find would you rather question for different categories. Among those one  of the challenging category is would you rather questions for crush

Would You Rather Questions for Teens

  • Here are some of the best would you rather questions for teens.
  • Would you rather listen to music with headphones or play it loud and make fun?
  • Would you rather spend the vacation with your friends or with your family?
  • Would you rather cook on a night camp or just order for food?
  • Would you rather give up on your favorite food or give up on your sleep for a week?
  • Would you rather go to a classy dance party or a beach party?
  • Would you rather walk around or take a stroll?
  • Would you rather watch a thriller/horror movie or a comedy movie?
  • Would you rather stay in bed all day or stay up all night for a month?
  • Would you rather like a beach party or a pool party?
  • Would you rather spend your holidays at your cousin’s place or all alone in your home?
  • Would you rather want to be the first child or the last child in your family?
  • Would you rather have all your sibling to be brothers or sisters?
  • Would you rather be popular only on social media or be popular in the real-time world?
  • Would you rather have your own car or private jet?
  • Would you rather go on a trip to your favorite place with your enemy or lock yourself in your room?
  • Would you rather wish it was winter all the time, or it was summer all the time?
  • Would you rather curl your hair or dye your hair green?
  • Would you rather visit an amusement park or an art gallery?
  • Would you rather have a big bed in a small room or a big bedroom with a small bed?
  • Would you rather wear dresses that give you a classy look or wear some fashion freaky kinds of stuff?
  • Would you rather have a pool or a Jacuzzi at your home?
  • Would you rather prepare food or wash the dishes after dinner?
  • Would you rather go to Domino’s or McDonald’s?
  • Would you rather act as the super villain in a movie or be the superhero?
  • Would you rather meet your favorite actor or favorite singer?
  • Would you rather be able to have shape-shifting power or be able to teleport?
  • Would you rather like to gossip or be gossiped about?


These are some of the best would you rather questions for teens. So what are you waiting for, start to chat with your teen friends and have some fun time with them. I'am sure that it will be one of the best game to time pass with your teen friends.


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